JT Malaysia Collaboration

JT Malaysia Collaboration

In May of 2018 JT visited Malaysia and the small town of IPOH. Sam Lau, a well known Malaysian chef, owns a restaurant called AHB. Sam Lau and JT3’s Daniel jones have been friends for over 10 years. Sam invited JT to do a collaboration in his restaurant for his chosen charity, which was a local children’s foster home.

The menu focused on regional cuisine with the influence of western techniques.

A few months later in September of 2018 Sam Lau joined us at JT3 in Fishguard to do a collaboration with Daniel in his own restaurant. The menu was all traditional Malaysian food, and was a very exciting event for those who attended, as it is rare to sample such authentic Malaysian cuisine in such a rural area. The restaurant was fully booked and was a great success.

Watch out for more Malaysian interests in 2019.

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